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Taking Care of Parents/Caregivers, Students, and Teachers - Vol. 3
This district-wide newsletter offers amazing resources for parents/caregivers, students, and teachers that can be helpful with some of the obstacles, stress, and challenges we are all experiencing related to the adjustments of our daily lives as a result of COVID-19. As we are in this virtual learning setting, keep in mind, we are all in this together, and together, we will get through it! Take Care of YOU.

Title I DCSD Parent Survey / Padres y Familia encuesta del Titulo I  

Title I Stakeholder Meeting
Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Parent Right to Know
Parent and Family Engagement
School-Parent Compact
Title II Information 
By law, we are required to inform parents of information relating to Title II, professional qualifications of your child's teachers. Please click here to download our letter.

Title IX Information 
Please click here to download information about Title IX.

This flyer from Children's Hospital will help you decide if your child is too sick to attend school.
Mandatory Volunteer Trainig

Explanation of Required Volunteer Training

The State of Georgia recently passed a law expanding the listing of persons who are now categorized as mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. This list now includes anyone who volunteers in a school.

To ensure that all school volunteers are aware of the new responsibilities and penalties associated with non-compliance, ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE REQUIRED BY LAW to go through a brief training presentation created by DeKalb County Schools on the mandatory reporting of abuse and neglect and what it means to be a mandated reporter.

The training MUST be completed before volunteering. You must also complete the form below affirming that you have watched the video presentation and understand your obligations as a mandated reporter.

If you have any questions regarding the presentation or your obligations as a reporter, please contact the school's social worker.

Online Training Presentation

Click Here to watch this automated PowerPoint presentation. (The presentation is narrated.) If you have any questions, please contact the school social worker.

Volunteer Training Completion FormAfter you have seen the presentation, please print the certificate of completion. You will need to sign the certificate and submit it to the main school office to verify that you have completed the training. Thank you!

Click on this link to print: Certificate of Completion

Parent Family Engagement Plan
Parent Right to Know
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