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Your Voice, Our Future: 2024 - 2029 Strategic Plan Focus Groups
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Kingsley Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Vision and Mission

<b>ABOUT US:</b><br/>>Vision and Mission

Our Mission
The mission of Kingsley Elementary School is to establish and strengthen relationships between home and school in order to promote high expectations of students, staff, and parents while encouraging unique strengths in a nurturing and creative environment.
At Kingsley Elementary School, we believe:
  • All students will achieve in an environment where each child is accepted, supported, valued, and challenged.
  • Learning is enhanced through the incorporation of movement, art, music, and PE.
  • High expectations and active parental support promote high student achievement.
  • Learning is maximized in an accepting and nurturing environment composed of diverse student and faculty populations.
  • All students are lifelong learners.
  • Good self-esteem is vital for maximum student achievement.